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Last night a friend showed up at our door with Christmas Trash (sugared pecans). Yummy! It was a wonderful surprise. She stayed around to chat and then wanted the children to show her their favorite decorations on the tree. As I watched the children take delight in pointing out their decorations His still small voice began to speak. “Selah has clothes she has just grown out of. Ask what size the little girl who lives next door to your friend wears.” I was enjoying the time and didn’t to get my lazy self up off the couch. Sorting through clothes and sizes is at the BOTTOM of my to-do list. I thought about it, Oh I could get those together another time and get them to her. What about Sunday? No, that won’t work my friend is flying home Thursday night so she won’t be at church on Sunday.

God and I had already had this talk several years ago. I had told Him then that I didn’t want to do what He told me and after throwing a fit like a child He said matter-of-factly, “Then get your want-to in the right place.” So, my lazy self needed to get my want-to in the right place. Since God told me to ask the little girl’s size He must know I have something to give her. So I asked. The little girl was Selah’s age. I had Selah stand to see if my friend could recognize if the little girl was her size. My friend said the little girl was smaller. So I asked if I could give her some of Selah’s clothes she has just grown out of.

Oh what fun! As the children and my friend played I hustled upstairs to collect some of Selah’s clothes. I called for Abigail to get one of the Christmas wrapping trash bags. I began to thank the Lord for all the clothes people had given us. Now it was our turn to bless and bring delight to another child. Every time someone gives my children clothes it is like Christmas. They loving going through them as they “Ooo and aaah” over the clothes. I saved a few for Charis but I knew God would provide. Right now He was using me to provide for another little girl and I wasn’t going to disappoint Him or her. She needed to know He is a big Daddy and He wants her to have nice things. I plundered through our boxed clothes, Selah’s cupboards, closet, and the shoe box. I have NEVER had so much fun sorting clothes! The bag was so full that is began to stretch. As I carried it with one hand under that bag, I was reminded of how the Lord generously gives, abundantly, with over flow into our lives. This little girl was going to see God’s abundance is for her too.

My friend was excited about the clothes and had to make a few more deliveries of her own candied treats so it was time for her to go. While I was preparing the bag Abigail had made a huge “Thank you” sign and hung it on the front door so my friend would see it when she left. It feels so good to do the God-thing WHEN He says to do it. I walked through the open door, the opportunity to be God’s expression of love and abundance for this little girl. Later I receive a text from my friend saying she was so glad she got to spend time with my amazing children. What joy they bring. And the little girl was soooo excited about her cute clothes.

When I decided to do what God said, I was probably being used to give His Christmas gift to this little girl. Wow! I want to walk through that door again! Listen and you too can be God’s delivery person for His Christmas gifts too!

Merry Christmas!


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There are times when you get tired of children, even adults asking the same questions.  You have answered them a 1,000 times and tried to be patient.  And there are times when we make a quick sweep with our answer hoping it will pasify.  But yesterday would not be a day to sidestep the questioning heart of Selah, my 4 year old.  She has been singing Jesus songs from the top of her lungs since Mommy led a praise team.  Every time we get into the van she asked for “Music.”  And if there isn’t any in the CD player she askes if she can pick it out.  I hand her the case which is filled with most of my old practice CDs for the worship team.  She delights in picking just the right one.  It is as if she knows by the date which songs are on the CD.  As the first song begins to play shaking her head in encouragement she proclaims, “Mommy, this is our favorite!”  You can’t help but agree and join in.  She sings praising God with all her might whether she knows every word or not.

About a month ago she began telling me that Jesus died on a cross.  Off-handedly I said, “Yes.”  I wasn’t really giving much weght to it.  But after the 3rd time or so I got down eye-to-eye and said, “Yes, Selah, Jesus died on the cross but He is alive today.”  I let her think about this.  I have always been bothered at the time of celebrating Easter/Resurretion Day, we, Christians, spend so much time talking about sin and Jesus dieing on the cross that most don’t realize Jesus is alive.  It is like we kill Jesus every year.  Thankfully, He only had to die once for all of our sin, past, present and in the future.  So it caught my ear when Selah kept saying, “Jesus died on the cross.”  Josiah has a salvation cube that she would occasionally pick up and say, “Is that Jesus on the cross?”

Well, yesterday the open door was before me and I took it.  Selah and I were putting Charis to bed when Selah picked up Josiah’s salvation cube.  I told her to bring it with her.  We went through the cube once and the second time she asked questions varifying what I had shared.  Then as I realized the door stood open for her, I asked “the” question.  “Selah, do you believe Jesus came from heaven?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Do you believe that He died on the cross for your sins? (We had talked about sin thoroughly when we went through the cube, the kinds of sin she commits.)

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Do you believe Jesus is alive today?”

“Yes, Mommy.  He is alive in heaven with God.  He prays for me.  I am not afraid.”

“Do you want to be in God’s family and have Jesus as your big brother?”

“I have a big brother.  Josiah.”  (She had got me there.)

“Yes, but when you believe in all that Jesus did to wipe away your sins and make a way for you to have relationship with God, you get another big brother jus tlike you get another Daddy.  Jesus becomes brother and God becomes your Heavenly Daddy.  Do you believe Jesus died for your sins and is alive today?”

“Yes, He is my big brother too.”

I thought a moment. The Bible says that to be God’s child through the resurrection power of the blood of Jesus we confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord.  It all seemed so matter-of-fact for Selah.  Child-like faith still amazes me.  For formalities’ sake she followed me in prayer renouncing her sins and asking Jesus to be her Savior and Lord.

She was so excited afterward she lite up like a Christmas tree, glowing all around.  Sometimes the open door is right before us and we are afraid to asked the question.

Is there anyone in your life that is seeking to know Jesus?  Walk through the open door and share with them of His love for them and His power over sin and death.  He is alive today in heaven seated at the right hand of the Father praying for you and for them.

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