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When Darkness Comes

Recently my husband, children and I were at a conference in Texas. Chuck Pierce said, “Let the seed in me see.” I was wondering if the seed saw before it fell that it too could grow to the greatness of the tree it came from.

If the seed did see the greatness it could become, did it embrace the darkness it would have to endure to become the mighty tree? Sometimes God gives us a glimpse of the great things He wants to do in and with our lives. But we didn’t realize the cost meant we were going to have to face the darkness. What we can fail to see is that the darkness is an end to what we used to be and the beginning of what God created us to be.

In order for the seed to see again it has to break its hard shell. We can find ourselves in this position. We got a glimpse of what God wanted us to do and be. We had no clue that we were going to have to let go of the things carrying us so we could be released to fulfill our destiny. In faith we fall to the ground to become all God revealed we would be and do. The excitement of the fall is replaced with terror as we realize how hard it is going to hurt when we hit the ground. We may wonder, “Why did I let go?”

Faith builds as the Father digs a hole and covers us with dirt. Darkness all around can begin to suffocate and blur our vision. We forget what the Father has shown us when we were the seed in the protection and provision of the tree. In the darkness of the ground we, our shell, can get harder instead of softer. We can forget who we were created to be. We can forget what our purpose is and even turn our back on the Father for planting us. In the darkness we can’t figure out which way is up and which way is down. In the darkness we don’t want to see ourselves anymore because we don’t like what we see in ourselves. Instead of trusting God, breaking through the shell, sending our roots down and digging our way to the top, we grow hard and live a dormant life because we didn’t want what God promised us to be so difficult. We grow bitter and life drains out of us. When it seems like things couldn’t get darker they did. The very life of Christ in us begins to die because we forget what God put in us to be.

We have a choice. We can remain in the darkness or in the midst of the darkness we can remember God call out, “Let the seed in me see.”

When our heart is hard we can’t receive what has always been made available to us. God’s brings life to what we thought was dead and the rain of His love reaches us in the darkness where we are and transforms us. Now the joy of the Lord bursts from within and the seed breaks the restraints of the shell. Then we stretch forth our roots as we declare the promises of God and all He has revealed we would be. We allow the transformation of being a seed take on its full purpose as we receive life from God’s Word to feed us and make us strong. We reach for the rain of His love and absorb it into every part of our being. One day, breakthrough. The seed says, “I can see again!” as it breaks through the ground and sees the mighty tree it came from standing tall and strong.

The seed was never meant to remain a seed. To become who God created the seed to be, it had to let go of who it was, be planted in darkness trusting only God, receive from the Father, break off the shell of a person it use to be in order to become what it was created to be. In the darkness is where we leave behind everything that will hinder us from growing into all God created us to be.

Walking through the open door,
Veridee Hand


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