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We just can’t move on, there is something else we need to know.  Let’s take another look at Nehemiah 4:7-8

Now it happened, when Sanballat, Tobiah, the Arabs, the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites heard that the walls of Jerusalem were being restored and the gaps were beginning to be closed, that they became very angry, and all of them conspired together to come and attack Jerusalem and create confusion.

When you are fulfilling the God-task in the authority of the king, the enemy notices.  When you are advancing God’s kingdom that means the enemy is losing his.  This is what is happening with Sanballat and the people of Jerusalem.  Everything was just as he wanted it, the people in such distress that they were an easy target of prey any time he felt like leading a raid.  The enemy does this just for fun, his fun.  But when Nehemiah shows up with permission from the king and authority from God, Sanballat is beyond upset.  He is ready to do something insane!  He is so irate that he is about to cause war on people who are under the king he serves.  Irate people do not act rationally and this makes the situation unstable.  Common sense tells the people of Jerusalem they have nothing to worry about but when someone is irate, they don’t make good, sensible decisions.

Scripture tells us they conspired together to come and attack Jerusalem and create confusion. I understand the fear tactic but why did Nehemiah record they were trying to create confusion.  Why was Sanballat trying to create confusion?  How would that help stop the building of the wall?

The enemy doesn’t want you dead just in a state of distress.  He wants to keep you so out of balance that you can’t think straight. When you can’t think straight you don’t realize you are being treated unjustly, you don’t defend yourself, and you don’t live in hope of anything better.

I am not sure we realize how enormous the situation is when we are overtaken by confusion.  If you are overcome by fear, you are paralyzed; therefore doing whatever you are told by the bully, but at least you can still think and reason.  You know when things aren’t right and can make a decision at that time or look for when God provides the opportunity for you to leave.  However, when you are overcome with confusion you do not think straight, generally you think of taking care of one person and that is yourself because you no longer trust God to get you out.

When confusions sets in we no longer know what is truth.  Without knowing truth we can’t make the best decision. This is why it is so dangerous.  Without truth we can’t see the way out when God provides it.  When confusion overtakes our mind, decisions seem so hard to make, purpose is lost, and direction is nowhere to be found.

If you recognize that you are in a state of constant questioning what you are doing, you are in a state of confusion.

If you recognize that you are grasping at anything to point you to the decision before you, you are in a state of confusion.

If you recognize that you are moving so fast, shifting from one decision to another, constantly making the people “look over there” so they don’t see your insecurity in the decisions you are making, you are in a state of confusion.


SOOOOO how do you remove the state of confusion you are in?  Great question.

  1. Separate yourself from the decision and position yourself in the presence of God.
  2. Be still and know God.  Be assured He will speak and MAKE YOURSELF be still and listen.  Don’t let your mind play reruns of the situation.  Make your mind BE STILL.
  3. Don’t even think about getting up or leaving after one experience with God.  Confusion is an unstable mind many times caused my fear.  When we receive God’s perfect love that removes fear then we can think with the mind of Christ (1 John 4:18, Philippians 2:5).  If you don’t feel completely loved by God in every area of your life then you MUST remain in His presence until you do!
  4. You must acknowledge His love for you in every area of your life and you must acknowledge the truth about who God really is.  He is not just the one who created you, He is the one who couldn’t wait to create you so He could watch you grow in Him and do great exploits together (Dan. 11:32).
  5. Once you know the truth you must remove the lies.  Recognize you didn’t believe one lie to become in a state of confusion, you have believed many lies over the years and they have overtaken your mind.
  6. From this point forward, make a conscience decision to always make each decision based on the truth of who God is, what He has done, and who He says you are.
  7. Now, stand your ground and build!  The God-task isn’t complete.

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Scheduled for CT Scan again

School work is prepared as the substitute (Daddy) will be filling in for Mommy.  They will have the time.  After blood work they will be waiting 2 hours before the CT Scan.  However, the nurse said she thought we might be able to leave after the scan and not return to clinic.  Pray for that!!!  They can call us with the results!

The Fungi test has been positive two times in a row.  So it is protocol to do the CT scan.  We are praying that it follows what the doctor told us two weeks ago, they think it is a false positive.  A false positive is when the reports show it to be there but when they take a look there is nothing there.  Asking for you to join us in praying against any fungi or viruses in Jesus’ name!

Also, Lydia’s back is hurting her.  Because of the early drive tomorrow, we hooked her up to her fluids while she was eating.  Saline flush went in too fast and she was on the run to the trashcan.  However, she projectile threw up while running and slipped on her own throw up, hitting her back and head really hard and sliding into the trashcan.  She woke up tonight twice with back pain.  Mommy gave her a back rub and Daddy gave her pain killer.  She is back asleep.

Lydia is still not eating anything constantly.  Weight is an issue.  We thank you for your continued prayers! 🙂

Trusting God,


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As I said yesterday, there are two tactics Sanballat is using to try and discourage the people of Jerusalem from rebuilding the wall.  Fear is huge and generally stops most of us if we are being honest. Most of our negative reactions to a situation are because of fear.  Until we see it as fear we can’t overcome it.  You can’t defeat an enemy you don’t recognize and fear is good about hiding.

When the enemy can’t get us to quit through an avenue of fear, he will use confusion. Sometime fear is the cause of our confusion.  When this happens we turn on those God has given us to work with to complete the task.  Confusion causes us to see others, instead of the enemy, as sabotaging the God-task.

Fear causes us to question why we are doing the God-task.  When we begin questioning why we are doing it then we open the door to confusion that asks what are we doing.  Now, confusion has a foothold in our thinking. We think, “Is what I am doing really going to matter or make a difference or give the necessary change for a different outcome.”

The two questions, of why and what, are almost interchangeable, but there is a difference.  If we remember why God choose us or positioned us or empowered us for the task then fear is eliminated.  But if we entertain fear then ‘the why we are doing it’ loses its power to fulfill.  When we entertain confusion by forgetting what the purpose is for the God-task we will work aimlessly without direction, diligence, or effectiveness.

Nehemiah 4:8

and all of them conspired together to come and attack Jerusalem and create confusion.

Why would Nehemiah have written that Sanballat and his groupies were trying to create confusion?

I am certain it is because they technically couldn’t do anything about the people of Jerusalem rebuilding the walls because Nehemiah came with the authority of the king to build.  However, if they could create an overwhelming fear, the people just might quit and Nehemiah would return to his former job without completing the God-task.

When you are held captive by fear for a period of time you get confused.  All of us have been there.  You either quit or find the quickest way to excuse yourself.  Entertaining fear clouds your mind with confusion.  Fear and confusion are the double edged sword of the enemy.  

Confusion is the cloud that settles in your mind when you have forgotten what you are doing this for, the purpose.  It causes us to be uncertain of what God has said and what we have been given permission to do.  Why would the enemy need to create confusion if they could go in and terrorize, torment and torture the people?

Sanballat wanted to appear like he was going to do something but he really didn’t have the authority to do anything.  If we could get this truth, The enemy has no authority to do anything!  He will always lead you to believe a lie.  He will always cause you to quit on what God has given you if you entertain the questions he asks.  He does not ask questions to understand.  The enemy’s questions are a threat to the truth of what God has given into your hands to do. He understands you are on your way to completing the God-task and if he can get you to talk with him, he will spin lies to distort the truth and confusion sets in.

Confusion is like a sickness, if you don’t build your immune system from it, you will be overcome by it.  Your thoughts can’t come together to make sense of what you are doing and then it all seems hopeless.  If you are confused in your marriage, you have entertained lies from the enemy about your spouse.  If you are confused at work, you can’t remember what is the purpose of what you are doing.  If you are confused in the task God has put before you to do, you don’t understand what God has called you to.

How are you responding to the God-task you are involved in? Are you caught up in asking, “Why am I doing this?”  or “What’s the use?”

Fear causes us to question why we are doing something and confusion causes us to question what are we doing. The sword of the enemy cuts deep, postponing and even causing us to quit on the God-task we have been given.

Do you feel the need to pull back or protect yourself?

Fear causes us to stand alone while confusion causes us to distrust God and the people He has put with us for the God-task.  Protecting yourself is believing a lie that you can protect yourself better than God can.

Do you remember why you are doing the God-task?

Do you remember what you are doing it for?

When you keep before you ‘why you are doing the God-task’ and ‘what you are doing it for’ your focus is on God and the task He has given you.  When you are focused on God the enemy is forced to watch.  This is bringing torment to the tormentor as he sees you complete the God-task and be protected by God.

Psalm 23:5

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over.

The enemy is there but not in the sense that you think. He wants you to believe that he is there on his own will to torture you with fear and confusion but God has made him be there to be tortured as you feast with Him and are anointed with the authority of heaven to rule in the dominion He has given you.  Kings were anointed as a sign of authority being given. Focus on God, remember why you are doing what He has given into your hands to do, and walking in the authority He has given you!

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In and Out, Thank you God!!!

We had to return before our weekly Thursday appointment because liver counts were through the roof last Thursday.

Monday’s appointment for Lydia was the shortest EVER!!  Under my breath I was declaring the favor of God.  We would not be held up in the waiting area, blood reports, nurses, doctors, or paperwork.  The first time ever the doctor caught us in the hall as we were headed to a waiting between blood draw and seeing the doctor.  He said, “If you are ready now, I can see Lydia.”  Wahoo! Yeah God!!!  Only He can help them operate more efficiently.  The appointments dragging out can be so tiring and waste of a day.  Thankfully, Lydia was feeling good so we did school.  Before the appointments and blood work took so long that she got done with school with time to spare but not Monday!!!  We didn’t even get through 3 subjects!! She had to do it in the car!

Smooth, it all went smooth.  Blood work came back and liver counts are much better.  Two are in the range and the other two are slightly above but have come down significantly.  Thank you Jesus!!!

The main drug used to control Graft Verses Host is still not hitting the range.  Low again.

We nearly skipped down the hall and out to the parking garage!  It was a great day of victory!

Please continue to pray:

  • Wisdom on meds and amounts so her body is not in constant limbo.
  • Appetite to return.  Still needing fluids at night.

Today, Tuesday, was a turning point for her in that she stepped back into the roll of big sister to Selah and Charis.  Responsibility gives way to purpose.  Purpose produces peace.  Peace stabilizes your body, soul, and spirit in living life to the fullest that God created for you.  Lydia embraced responsibility on her own and her entire demeanor today has been different because of the peace of God within her. She doesn’t want to spend any more days away from her Selah and Charis.  Selah has been doing a fabulous job with Charis and the two have become buddies.  However, it was neat to see Lydia embrace the relationships she has had with them prior to May before they were separated.  Selah was doing such a great job that Lydia didn’t really have to be a big sister.  But I think she realized what she was missing out by not engaging with them as their big sister.  She missed Selah playing with her.  She missed having Charis depend on her for support or needs.  It was a joy to see Lydia and Selah playing endlessly.  The laughter Lydia, Selah, and Charis stir up is so very good!  The best medicine ever!

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When pondering over the next verse, I was puzzled for a period of time.  Sanballat had gotten quite a group together; the Arabs, the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites. Sheer numbers would create fear in the people building the wall, just the thought of what they could do would cause most people to reconsider if it was really worth it.  Gathering three other people groups together is something to be considered.

Nehemiah 4:8

and all of them conspired together to come and attack Jerusalem and create confusion.

The first tactic seemed to be instilling fear through the visual force Sanballat had recruited.  Why didn’t they just attack?  What was the hold up?  Were the attacks going to be real, like they were before, devastating the city and its people once again?

I don’t know that I ever understood the way the enemy works until this revelation…when the enemy does not have the authority to harm you the best he can do is cause fear by showing you all those he has stirred up against you.  Many times this is done in our mind without anyone doing anything to us.  We act on what our mind thinks.

In Bambie there is a scene where the pigeons are hiding in the tall grass.  The pigeons can hear the hunters coming and getting closer.  One of the pigeons is so scared and can’t keep quiet.  She wants to fly away before the hunters get too close.  Another pigeon is constantly telling her to remain and be quiet.  Finally, the pigeon panics, the fear overtakes her and she flies.  “Pow!” rings through the forest and the hunter gets his prize.

Sanballat was trying to create fear in the people to get them to run home and never think of trying this again.  He certainly did not honor God but he did have to stay in line because the king had given Nehemiah the authority to do this and letters for passage and supplies.  Sanballat rallied the Arabs, the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites but technically they really couldn’t lay a hand on the people building the wall, hanging the gates, or installing the doors because the king sent Nehemiah there to do exactly that.  For Sanballat and his cohorts to act in a war-like manner they would have been going against the king’s authority.

If Sanballat could make a good show of intimidation, they people would remain in their prison of fear, quit and go home.  Sanballat was counting on the people being afraid because of the armies he had gathered.

How does fear rule your life?

When fear rules our life we can’t be accomplishing the God-task we were given.

Does fear paralyze you causing you to wither where you are?  Have you forgotten the dreams you were created to accomplish?

Does fear imprison you, causing you to work for another rather than with God?

Fear makes you think that you will never get out, you will never get another chance, you can never fulfill great things.  Study the Word, develop a relationship with God, and be ready for when He sets you free.

Does fear cause you to work frantically instead of with a steady and sound mind?

Fear causes panic and people who panic cannot do a good job until their fear is dealt with, until they know everything is going to be alright BECAUSE GOD SAID SO!

When fear comes crouching around the corner ready to jump on me I dive into my Father’s lap and receive His empowering love. 1 John 4:18, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment.  But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.”  In God’s perfect love we are secure that He is working things out for our good. I just have to take a stand and continue doing what He has put in my hands to do.  When I position myself in HIS love fear has no hold on me!

When was the last time you sat in God’s lap and felt His presence holding you?

Fear just melts away and boldness to stand again as His love empowers you to rise again, continuing in the work He has given into your hands.

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Did you ever get the feeling that sometimes people wanted you to do well, but not too well?  As if they were saying, it is okay for you to do better but not better than I am doing. Sealing up all the gaps and hanging gates with doors is going too far in Sanballat’s opinion.  He didn’t like the idea from the start.

I think Sanballat is taken off guard that the people of Jerusalem are working so fast.  By the time he has a group together the gaps are almost closed.  However, once they realized the people were determined, having a mind to work, Sanballat took it upon himself to end somehow end it before they finished.  Jerusalem would no longer be an easy target of prey for crime, abuse or bullying.  He had little time to act since the gaps in the wall were being closed.

While you are doing the task God has given into your hands to fulfill, the enemy is also at work.  Have you ever organized an event and then people called in and started dropping out left and right until it seemed like you were a one-man band?  That is the enemy trying to prevent the God-task from being completed.

We have the authority to tell the enemy to GO!  James 4:7 says we are to Submit to God, resist the Devil and he will go.  So if you are submitted to God in all your ways then you have the authority of Christ to tell the enemy to go.  And he MUST go!!!  Too many times we forget the authority we have been given, the authority of Christ in us. When you are doing what God has told you to do, when He told you to do it, with the people He provided to help complete the task then you have the authority to tell the enemy, the Devil to go!  And you had better exercise that authority because he won’t go just because you are submitted to God.

Are you submitted to God in the task He has put in your hands you accomplish?

Are you with the people He has given you?

Are you following His plan to bring completion?

If not, then repent and make things right with God.

Now tell the enemy to go.  Don’t ask him to leave, tell him to leave.  He is trespassing and you don’t have to put up with it!  But if you aren’t going to tell him to go, he isn’t going to go.  He doesn’t like you being empowered by God.  He doesn’t like you accomplishing the things of God and if you let him stay around he will use fear and confusion to get you to stop.  Submit to God, resist the Devil and tell him to get out and never return!

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Have you ever seen a bully stand alone?  No, they generally have their groupies somewhere close.  Nehemiah and the people of Jerusalem are facing a bully, Sanballat.  Someone has finally responded to all his fury.  And it isn’t just someone, he is able to rally together the Arabs, the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites.  Sanballat and Tobiah had to move quickly because the people of Jerusalem were restoring the walls and the gaps were beginning to be closed.  The more the people of Jerusalem accomplished the more Sanballat was angered.  Every bully hates to lose his position.  A bully always oppresses the people through fear, leaving the people at a loss, unable to protect themselves, and pillaging from the best of what the people have to offer.

This is generally the story of a bully.  They never want progress, success or unity among the ones they are tormenting.  But the bullied had come together, having a mind to work, they no longer wanted to be bullied.  They had permission from the king of the land and from God of the universe.  They were going to take their opportunity because it may not come again.

You may be oppressed at work, constantly being hounded that you will not ever be promoted or advance, you may be facing the bully of a disease or sickness and you have agreed with the worst case scenario of the disease, you may think your marriage will never make it, or you may be thinking God will never open the doors for you to accomplish the dream you have inside.

These thoughts all lead to hopelessness and without hope, without some spark of believing, a flame can never grow.  The people of Jerusalem had their spark of home become reality the day Nehemiah encouraged them to build the wall.  For years they had lived in hope, hope in what they did not see any possibility other than God.  Hope is not just believing something you can not see, hope is when we are eagerly waiting for the reality of our hope with perseverance (Romans 8:25).  Perseverance is what we do to keep that hope alive.

1 Corinthians 13:13

“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

When we have faith that God has a perfect plan to benefit us, hope is kept alive while we wait on the promise.  The greatest of these is love because when we are loved we will never give up but press in to the fullness of what God has promised.  Love compels us to believe the goodness of all God has promised.

Love recognizes the “Yes, now is the time,” from God.  Love conquers the fear the bully has used to hold you back in your job, imprison you with disease, quit on your marriage, or give up on the dreams God put inside of you.  Love knows God will promote you or get you a better job.  Love knows God will heal you, completely.  Love knows your marriage can not only be saved but be better than you ever dreamed.  Love knows it will hear God say, “Today, start building from the dream I have put inside of you”.

Bullies do all they can to make you feel isolated and unworthy of being rescued.  But God says YOU ARE NEVER WITHOUT HIM AND HE WILL RESCUE YOU.  Four times God says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deut. 31:6, 8, Josh. 1:5, and Hebrews 13:5) He didn’t want us to miss His promise.

When we totally embrace Psalm 118:6 our hope will never run out.  “The LORD is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?”

You may be faced with some kind of bully trying to steal your hope of promotion, healing, your happily-ever-after in marriage, or your dreams but remember God is on your side.  Declare, “I will not fear, I will be promoted, I will be healed, I will have a wonderful marriage, I will fulfill my dreams. When my God shows up, I will see the bully run!”

What bully do you need to speak to?

Have you lost hope, do you falter to believe for the promotion, complete healing, a loving marriage, the fulfillment of your dreams? Ask for God to wrap you in his love.

Do you live like you believe that God is on your side?

Remove the threat of the bully of fear and hopelessness from your life by returning to God as you believe Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, acceptable and perfect will of God.”  Renew your mind on all God says and be transformed into believing God’s good, acceptable and perfect will for you in on its way!  (And watch the bully of this world run!)

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