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Lydia has waited 8 long weeks to eat again.  Snuck a little food last week when the the formula ran out before appointment (it was “good” foods that would not irritate or harm her G I track).  Today, after the G I scope from both ends, the G I doctor said, “She is totally healed!  You can’t even tell that she had any problems ANYWHERE in her digestive system!”

Permission granted…time to EAT!!!  I guess for all of you out there who have said you would cook for her we need to start a calendar in about 2 weeks when she can start eating “regular” foods.  God is so very good!

We are praising God for His love NEVER fails!!!  Hold on, walk with Jesus, believe His promise for you and you will know the goodness of His ways.

Can’t stop there with out testimony, she is free of the adno virus and the doctors cleared her to go to Iowa with us to celebrate Abigail’s 13th birthday!!!

Meds were cleared to be mailed to Iowa at no extra cost!  There will be a fresh snow in Iowa AFTER we arrive!  And maybe school will be delayed so we can make Abigail and Josiah a Southern breakfast; grits, eggs, bacon and cheese!  Already have the grits packed 🙂


Tears of JOY!      Feet Dancing!       Heart OVERFLOWING with LOVE!

Yea God!!!

In His Presence we REJOICE!




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We have been blessed this weekend to come away with God, up the mountain.  Literally we were in the mountains of GA.  The peace of God has been so…well, we are at ease with what God is doing in our lives, assured that He is in control, and joy bubbles over.  I was encouraged when I read, “God performs the most impressive feats though the most unimpressive people.” (Sun Stand Still, Steven Furtick)  According the worlds’ view, I am considered an unimpressive person.  But according to what God says about me in 1 Peter 2:9 “I, my husband and children are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that we may proclaim the praises of Him who called us out of darkness and into His marvelous light.”  We have decided to believe what God says about us.  We are His own special people and we love being His!  J  Do you know you are too?

The bunker in the mountain: Sometime you just don’t know what to expect.  With the ice we were having at home, power on, power off, power on, power off, power on.  It was like God was saying, “Come up the mountain.”  When God says to come, you know He has something for you.  But I have to admit He went above and beyond my expectations.

Our condo was 9 steps below where we parked.  The view was absolutely gorgeous and reminded me of a bunker.  We were hidden up on the mountain, in the cleft of the rock, in the presence of God.  Very cool!  It made me think of Jesus going up the mountain to pray.  Even in all He did ministering to the people of God’s love and extending God’s power to set them free, heal them, and teach them of His Father’s ways, He always made time for and returned to the Father.

Years ago, I wondered if Jesus was sharing the “glory stories” with God.

  • “Dad, did you see that?!  A legion of demons left that man and he is telling all 10 cities of Your great power and love?”
  • Sometimes I wondered if Jesus shared with God His heartbreaks and disappointments, “Dad, how come they are stuck in their ways?  Why can’t they believe I am Your Son?  Why can’t they believe You are good and desire good things for all people?”
  • Maybe He even said, “Dad, I am tired, will you strengthen me?  I am so hurt by their lies and accusations.  I am tired of trying to “prove” that I am sent from You to be the Savior of the world.  I must continue to demonstrate Your love and power. Strengthen me to rise again, to believe even for those who have set themselves in opposition to Me.”
  • Other times I can hear Jesus saying, “Dad, even though it is fun removing the enemy and establishing Your kingdom here on Earth, I miss You.  It thrills me to hear You speak, ‘Stay here and wait, Son,’ or ‘Go over there and declare healing’.
  • He might have even said, “It is so much fun picking on the Devil.  He has no clue who I am.  He still thinks he is going to win.  Can’t wait to settle this matter once and for all…but in the meantime, it is fun to take back what is Yours!”

This trip up the mountain seemed too short. Scott and I have had wonderful times of prayer, listening to the Father speak, direct and encourage, and celebrating all God has done in our lives over the last year.   We have a tremendous testimony and God wants us to be bold in sharing it.  We are not to hide it under a bushel but share so the light of God shines through our testimony and strengthens others to rise again out of the fire.   Even up here God orchestrated things so we got to let His light shine.  Come on Jesus!!

The day after we had arrived, I remembered that a school friend from Iowa lived 10 minutes away from where we were staying.  So I went to the main office to get internet connection and messaged her.  She didn’t get the message until Sunday morning but we were able to get together for a late lunch.  The girls had gotten dressed up and we had church, celebrating Jesus and receiving His Word for us.  I hadn’t seen my friend in over 20 years, but I knew God wanted us to connect.  God had positioned us from the beginning “if” we would be willing to give of ourselves during our ‘call to the mountain’.

When she text, Scott and I were excited!  We were going to get to lay hands on and pray for her husband.  He was diagnosed the same day as Lydia with a different kind of cancer.  He is still under treatment and stage 4.  We were honored for God to orchestrate all of this so we could testify, stir up faith and encourage them to stand on the truth of God’s word.  Believe, believe God will heal, deal with the “what ifs” when they happen but don’t entertain them now, and trust that God will give you the strength for that what if they happen, but right now, believe God’s best, to truly be a victor, an overcomer of cancer and the fear attached to it.

Truly a Jesus moment, we were separated from normal Sunday schedule and ministered to ‘the one’, the family, that needed to know and be strengthened by the Father’s love.

That is a God-ordained opportunity.  Love me some Jesus!  Set the captives free, free from bondage and fear, free into the fullness of all You have for them.  That is free indeed!  J Thank you Jesus or ordaining our steps and the opportunity to share your amazing love that NEVER FAILS!

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Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the LORD makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.

Now that will blow a few minds!!!  Sadly there has been so much wrong thinking in the lives of Believers that we have been trained “not” to want the blessing.  No really? I remember shortly after getting married that everyone at my work was so jealous of my husband making me breakfast every morning, packing my lunch with a personal note in it and occasionally surprising me with visits to steal me away for lunch.  They said, “That will never last.”  Under my breath, I said, “Oh yes it will!”  Probably the question to ask ourselves, “Why are we so quick to curse a good thing?”  God didn’t add sorrow to my marriage but others have tried.  Thankfully, God has blessed me to believe for my marriage, the destiny of my husband’s calling, the investment I am to make in seeing the LORD’s dreams for Scott be fulfilled completely.  Definitely a thought to ponder, but let me get back to the blessings of the LORD making one rich

I want to share the richness of the LORD.  The blessings of the LORD have made me step back and marvel, and watch the miraculous work of His hands do wondrous things.  It seems like something that I can’t put into words… that really lets you know the greatness of all God has done.   However, I do want to say, walking through the fire following Jesus (Dan.3 ) or calling the mountain before to be as a plain (Zach. 4:6-7) doesn’t come without keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus and our mind stayed on the truth of God’s wondrous grace being released through us.  It is easy to be deceived when we see someone “make it” and think, “God loves them more than me” or “They were lucky”.  It has nothing to do with luck but that we clung on to God.  It has nothing to do with God loving us more, it has to do with us walking, not sitting in self pity or digging our heals in as we accuse God for “doing this to us”; it’s knowing God doesn’t do bad things, He does good things for us.  When a bad thing/situation comes I know that God is for me and not against me, I know that God’s love is everlasting every minute of every day, I know that God’s power is second to none, I know that His mercies are new every morning, I know that whatever I need strength, peace, joy, love He has what I need and when I get up and follow Jesus, walking with Him wherever He goes that the doors will be opened and we will walk out as victors over the mountain before us or the fire that seeks to threaten our destiny.  At every mountain, every hard time, I position myself in His presence, walking with Him and He truly is worthy of my praise because my God IS good!

There was an urge to apologize for taking so much time to give praise, honor, and adoration for my God.  He has done and continues to do a good thing!  I will praise Him everyday of my life, in the fire, calling down the mountains before us.  He is that good!

Last weekend was the first Shout Out Loud ladies conference.  It is so much fun to dream with God and fulfilling to know that you, I, we, have done exactly what He has put in our hands to do. Hallelujah we never move forward without Him.  In the Good Book, God tells Moses he is to take the people into the promise land and Moses says, “I will not go unless you go!!!”  It just wouldn’t be the same.

If my husband were to plan a cruise vacation and say on the day we were to leave, “Honey, I have the car packed, full of gas, here is spending money, enjoy what I have planned for you, but I am not going with you.”  Even in his best intensions, even if he had work to do, even if he was sick, even if he was in the hospital, I would not go without him!  It wouldn’t be the same.  He planned it with “us” in mind, just like God planned to go with Moses and the Children of Israel.

Shout Out Loud, how can I truly put to words all that happened there through and in the lives of those who came?  This testimony is coming out almost a week later because the first few days I was in awe of all God did in my life for me to boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, watching the fulfillment of His Word unfold as I stepped forward in faith, the encouragement that came from people who did not even know of the conference, but that was all in preparation for what God had an urgency in His heart to do for His people.  In all the chaos, insecurity, and the destruction of lives, homes, and country, God wants His people to know Him.  When we know Him we trust Him, we walk with peace that surpasses all understanding, the assurance that His love never fails, and His plans are for us to prosper because His plans are good and perfect for us.  Leading up to Shout Out Loud, my heart was constantly overwhelmed by the devastating news of people losing their jobs, homes, and families being ripped apart.  A baby died from choking, a college football player was gunned down in front of his dorm, and the news brought me to the floor, my heart was overwhelmed.  I cried, wept, and sobbed for the people, “Do they know God cares?”  “Do they know He didn’t do this?”  “Do they know He will comfort them, find them a new job, give them a home of their own, and bring their family back together?”  My heart felt the pain and I cried out, “God, do they know You, the fullness of all Jesus died to give them?  They do not have to live in the bondage of disaster.  You, my God, restore the broken.”

After my heart cry and burning tears, the Lord said, “Veridee, you must tell them.  Do not back down, but go forward.  It is time for My people to be free and receive all that I have for them.”

Shout Out Loud could not have gone forward without those who encouraged, prayed, and offered of their talents: logo, postcard flyers, conference journal, give aways for “early birds”, super huge hand holding a megaphone for our center piece, title, volunteers, prayer warriors, and conference topics selected…all of this was done by the people of the Bride of Christ offering what they “do” so I could testify of God’s goodness and bring a message of hope, love, power, and destiny.  God doesn’t bring the bad thing that happens to us but He can, if we will, make it something good.  The fire Scott, I, Abigail, Josiah, Lydia, Selah, and Charis have walked through since Lydia’s body was afflicted with cancer, is to be shared so we encourage others to stand on the TRUTH of God’s love for each one.

The ladies came heavy in heart, hoping…looking…waiting to hear if the King would do for them in their “fire” what He did for us.  Something amazing happened during the 3rd session.  My heart’s desire, the cream on top, the blessings overflowed as the ladies seemed to radiate from the inside out.  They were glowing!  This was so exciting that I stood in awe and can only use one word…AMAZING!  I have been told from time to time that I glow when I talk about Jesus and I know their intentions were good.  But my heart’s desire is to hear them tell me what point the Holy Spirit was revealing to their heart to empowering them to walk on with God.  And Saturday the entire bunch was glowing from the inside out!!!  Days later the Lord reminded me of my heart’s desire and that no one told me how well I did.  I chuckled, I didn’t need told, I could see what my testimony of God’s love did in their lives; they were all walking on air, lite on their feet, and singing as we cleaned up.  EVERYONE helped with the clean up.  A woman who was in her 70’s told a woman who was nearly 60, “I am younger than you.  I will carry the case of waters and you carry the box of papers.”  When corrected she responded, “Well, I feel 20 years younger!”  Joy was bubbling out and off she went carrying a case of 48 waters to the other end of the church!!!!  I am still AMAZED at the presence of God transforming EVERYONE in the room!  Now that is some overflow of blessing!!!  Sorrow?  What sorrow!  God is so very good and I will testify of His power and love to anyone who will let me share!  I feel like I need to shout “Hallelujah!”

Let me share about my shower of the blessings that just keep coming!  Sure we had power out this week and all kinds of other hurdles to jump but we chose God and to focus on Him.  He fills us with joy.  At one point I told my husband, “I think I have an understanding of Paul and Silas singing at midnight after being flogged, told to stop telling about Jesus, blood dripping, bones aching and yet their thought were on Jesus and they were singing praises to HIM!  Come on Jesus!!!

Ezekiel 34:26 “I will make them and the places all around My hill a blessing; and I will cause showers to come down in their season; there shall be showers of blessing.”

Let the shower continue!  Lydia’s appointment this week recorded 2 more pounds!!!  She can eat a clear diet with formula and TPN fluids at night, hemoglobin is low but that is because she can’t eat anything. They took her off two more meds; she is healthy and strong, and the GI scope is scheduled for next Wednesday.  This led to the oncology doctor moving her Thursday appointment to Wednesday as well!!  Oh yea!! Come on Jesus!!

Do you know why this is such a praise?  We were having to wait until Thursday to leave for Iowa to go celebrate Abigail’s 13th birthday!  Now, there is the possibility, a strong possibility that we could leave a day earlier!!!  On top of that Lydia is cleared from the adno virus!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers, God has heard and worked a miracle!  SO that means we will soon go to every other week appointments!!!  We are asking God for completely restored digestive track for Lydia by Wednesday AND for the doctors to honor their word that we move to every other week appointments!  The shower of His blessings continue as that would allow us to not cut our trip short with Abigail and Josiah but lengthen it!!

I ask for continued prayers:

  1. Lydia’s digestive track to be complete restored by Wednesday.
  2. NOTHING would get in the way of moving to every other week appointments.
  3. Extended time in Iowa (with snow while we are there for Selah) with Abigail and Josiah.

In His Presence we are showered with blessings!  Amen!

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Do you ever wonder why you do what you do?  I decided years ago that I would produce good things wherever I was planted.  I HAD to be intentional.  This does not come naturally even for plants or trees.  They have to push against the dirt, grow around the stones in the ground, position their leaves to receive sunlight and rain.  They HAVE TO be determined to grow.

I have been uprooted and moved many places but wherever the Lord plants me I decided to make the best of it by digging my roots down into the soil and finding water, His water, water to grow strong, healthy and produce fruit.  I choose to dig through the dirt of complacency and around the stones of adversity to reach the water that will fill my soul and make me strong, able and mighty to produce all the fruit God put in me when He knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I will never forget when God caused Revelation 22:2 jump off the page into the DNA of my being.

Revelation 22:2 In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month.  The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

The tree of life bore 12 fruits, each yielding its fruit every month…that was huge!  Why? Because that blew my “seasonal” mentality of a Believer in Christ.  I had thought I could only bear fruit for the kingdom if I was in a harvest season.  If I allow myself, if I position myself to send my “roots” down to the river that proceeds from the throne of God then by the power of Christ in me, I have the ability to produce good fruit, heavenly fruit, 12 kinds of fruit EVERY month of the year!

I have learned to be faithful in the little things.  I have learned that even if there is one, I am to offer the fruit God has produced in me to that one.  I have learned to persist through the dirt and slide around the adversity to keep myself drinking from the water of the love of Jesus that quenches my thirsty soul and strengthens me to grow to produce fruit to offer to others.  When I grow I am nourished, when fruit grows it nourishes others who do not know how to grow it for themselves, yet.

And there is more!  In the leaves of every Believer in Christ is healing for the nations!  How many times do you watch a movie and someone needs leaves to make a medicine, a paste to heal.  In the leaves of those who are planted on either side of the river, was the tree of life.  We are to be life givers not life takers.  We are to encourage one another in the things of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our fruit is for those who do not yet have fruit.  Our leaves are to bring healing to the nations.  That is JESUS in us.

I am so excited about the Shout Out Loud conference this Friday and Saturday at Trinity United Methodist Church in Bamberg.  I get to share my testimony of God’s love and strength so others are empowered to rise be overcomes in their situation.  The power of testimony demonstrates the greatness of my God.  I will share the fruit of my God.  And this is why I do what I do…I press through the darkness and despair of the dirt and slide around the rocks that stand in the way as I anchor my roots in the river that flows from the throne of my God.  Come on Jesus!  Healing to the nations as we grow with our roots in the river that flows from the throne of God!

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The Countdown has Begun

Lydia is doing well.  She gained another 1/2 pound.  Projected day to eat is Tuesday, Feb. 11th!  She is coming up with a menu of things she wants me to cook!  Wahoo! Mama’s kitchen will be open! 🙂  There have been a few things she has asked me “not” to cook because the smell makes her hungry.  Looking forward to cooking them soon!

Lydia is still on TPN at night for 12 hours.  The doctors said she would have a GI scope done again before eating but…have not scheduled it.  Calling tomorrow, Monday, to make appointment.  I ask for your prayers that she would be put on the schedule for Thursday so we don’t have to return to Charleston on another day.

When she gets cleared of the adno-virus she will go to every other week appointments.  Thursday’s appointment was the 4th of 4 med for the adno-virus.  We are praying she is clear from the adno-virus.  If not, they will start again and it will be ANOTHER 4 weeks of meds for that.  Come on Jesus! 🙂

Prayers for:

GI Scope to happen this Thursday

Healed GI track so she can eat food: cilia in GI track to absorb food so she can gain weight and desire to eat.

The Adno-virus to be gone, permanently!

Thank you for your faithful prayers!



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