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Sometimes we overlook the most simple ways to love someone.  Today I had the privilege of being able to prepare a complete meal, with the help of Selah, to bless another family who has been knocked down by cancer but will rise as overcomes!  God is faithful and He is working another miracle!

Here is what may surprise you, I strongly believe, people don’t always need another scripture to stand on but a friend who will stand with them, they don’t always need you to pray when you are with them but through your actions they know your prayers are being heard by God on their behalf.

I am not saying that I am Jesus; however, I do want to be like Him (Eph. 5:1).  I want to know where the Father is and join Him.  I want to do what the Father is doing as Jesus did and I want to say to others what I hear the Father saying.  Then I know I am in sync with what a person needs.  I don’t want my efforts to miss the mark of what a person needs.  I want to hit the bulls eye with exactly what will speak volumes of the Father’s love.  Jesus said in John 6:38, “For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.”

I have learned over the years that it isn’t just “doing” something that meets the need of others, but it is doing what God says they need.  Sometimes people need money, other times they need a word of encouragement, a gift, a meal, a prayer, someone who will listen with compassion, and the list goes on.  What we “think” they need and what God “knows” they need are generally two different things.  We “think” they need a particular thing because that is the limit of what we are willing to give; however, God gives limitlessly, giving exactly what we need to give us strength to be in perfect peace in the situation we face.  God knows what we need as well as what others need.

If we will listen God will tell us what people need most, that “thing” that encourages us and says, “Peace, Be Still” to the storm in their life.  It is NEVER a matter of  trying to “figure” it out, it is a matter of listening to God and He will lead you.  Surprised as you may be, I didn’t even give a scripture or a prayer when dropping off the food, I did ONLY what God said to do and within 30 minutes I got a phone call that said, “Thank you!!!  He ate! Everyone ate!”

And “that” is what they needed to strengthen their hope in the midst of the storm they are in.  Surprised? probably, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that you and I hear what God says they need and respond not from what we are willing to do, but what God has told us to do.

What a privilege to love God’s people the way they need to be loved.  I stand in awe of Him.  He knows, He knows the timing and the need. Wait in expectation to be used by God to bless others in the area that will speak volumes of His love to them.  Be encouraged to listen and God will direct your path in how to bless others in such a way that it compels them to praise Jesus.

In His Presence we will love others,



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Listening to gossip is like eating cheap candy; do you really want junk like that in your belly? (Proverbs 18:8 You gotta love The Message)

Rumors have you heard some? There are a lot going around.  I have heard that we are moving, starting a church, selling our house, or that we have already moved to Iowa.  Um…. it ain’t so. One of the things we have learned over the past year is: “Make what God says matter most or your faith will be replaced with insecurity caused by fear of what others say.

We haven’t moved and don’t have plans to do so.  We visited our kids in Iowa and can’t wait for them to come here to visit for Resurrection Day! Even better for them to come home when school gets out in June.  Our house is not for sale. But if you come offering big bucks, we can talk  🙂

We are not starting a church.  I already did; it is called Cornerstone of Bamberg and it ROCKS!  So excited about how God is continuing to move there through Michael Reid and John Sharpe.

So what are we doing?

God has moved in our lives in incredible ways in the past year.  He has walked with us through the storms and the darkest nights.  He has revealed His great love and faithfulness amidst heartbreaking disappointments.  He has encouraged us and strengthened us to stand when we did not think it was possible.  2013 was a difficult year for many people, not just us.

Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing. (1 Thessalonians 5:11 NASB)

It is our heart’s desire for the next year to encourage and strengthen as many people as we can, in as many places as we can.  I have made myself available to speak in churches, at prayer meetings, men’s gatherings, anywhere I can encourage people.  We are praying strategically, persistently and passionately for God to move among His people and upon the hearts of those who have yet to meet Him.  Veridee has spoken to women’s groups, numerous individuals, and done one Shout Out Loud Conference.  Now that I am available and not at Cornerstone, we are praying and planning for Shout Out Loud Conferences that we can do together.

We will be forever grateful for the opportunities to strengthen believers in their walk with Christ while at Cornerstone. The hardest part is leaving the people that allowed us the privilege of being a part of their lives and who received what God has taught us.  We remember the genuine hugs, smiles, love, and encouragement.  We celebrate and will never forget the faithful prayers for the healing of our daughter.  As much as we love people and the friends we have made while at Cornerstone, we must honor and follow the Lord’s call.

We are here.  We are strengthening, encouraging and comforting everyone we can that the Lord brings in contact with us.  We are loving people with His great love….it’s what we do. And we are going everywhere there is an open door.

We Rise Again,

R. Scott Hand

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Will you join me on a 7 day challenge?  You can start your 7 days when you read this, they don’t have to be the same 7 days that I have but there are some stipulations…you can’t use your spouse, your children, or animals and within the 7 days you can’t use someone twice, they only count for one day.

I have been thinking about a friend’s testimony she shared in a church Sunday night.  Here is the message that rang loud and clear, she would testify about how hard things were even as a young child and how someone spoke just the right words to encourage her at just the right time.  And most of the time the people didn’t even know she needed the encouragement.  She stated that a lot of times the people who need the encouragement most are the ones who are able to cover/hide their hurt the best.

So, what is this 7 day challenge???

I am challenging you to give one encouraging word a day for the next 7 days.  Just one, but it is like I said before there are stipulations…you may practice on your spouse, your child, or your pet and even on someone you have already given a word to on a previous day HOWEVER, they do not count twice.  They are who you get to practice on.

My guess is that most of us do not know how to give a genuine word of encouragement.  Sure we know how to give a compliment, “That color you are wearing looks great with your eyes!” or “What kind of a gun do you have on that rack?  Wow, nice!”  Those are compliments NOT a word of encouragement.

So let me give a definition of what counts as a word of encouragement: A compliment is surface level, but a word of encouragement breathes life into another person that they will give life every time they remember it.

Hebrews 3:13 puts it this way, “But exhort (encourage) one another daily, while it is called “Today,” lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.”

What seems odd about this verse is not that we are to exhort one another daily but that if we don’t our heart may become hard through deceitfulness of sin.  Just one of those things that make you say, “Um”?

How, by not exhorting one another daily, will my heart be led to deceitfulness of sin?

I am so glad you asked.  I was asking the same question.  Through some painful experiences, when people’s words seemed to fly like knives to my very core, I had to resist with everything in me to not be poisoned by their words.  I am sure you have experience this as well.  Sadly, I don’t think anyone is immune to at least once having someone’s words cut them to the core.  However, this time, I had to ask Jesus, “Lord, I need more of Your love because I don’t have any more to give them.  I know Your Word says I am supposed to pray for my enemies and to do that I am going to need Your love for them. I am out.”  And God was faithful to pour His love into my wounds and through His love I could look to Him and say, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Okay, not to get too dramatic but I do what I do in order to get the poison out of my heart.  I was born an encourager so to be hateful or bitter kills who I am.  I just can’t stay there, I have to be able to breathe life into people.   The enemy will use anybody who is not focused on giving a word of encouragement DAILY, those who are not secure in whose they are (God’s), who they are (Child of the King), and what they are doing (their God-given purpose) to have a heart that is hard through the deceitfulness of sin.

How is sin deceitful?  Because sin causes us to make exceptions for ourselves and cast judgement on others.  So if we are not daily looking to give a word of encouragement we “could be” in danger of being deceived into sin.

Are you in for the 7 day Challenge?

You can call someone on the phone, send a card (with your personal word of encouragement in it), a private Facebook message or email or text.  But it must be your own words used to encourage them.

One person, once a day.  Practice with your spouse, your children, or on your animals but they don’t count as the “one” for the day.

One more thing, a word of encouragement is never used to get leverage or to impress someone, that is called manipulation.  A true word of encouragement breathes life with no strings attached and doesn’t expect anything in return.



In His Presence, He breathes life,


ps I would love to hear of how this affects your life, because it will.

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What would your response be?  When someone tells you they have a gift for you, do you

a. wait until they give it to you before you thank them or

b. thank them when they tell you they have a gift for you?

Shockingly, about a month ago someone cornered my husband and said, “You know this isn’t over! Lydia is not healed yet! You can’t testify that she is until she is!”

I just have to go on record to say that we say thank you when someone says they have a gift for us as well as when we get and open it.  We are not people who wait until the gift is given and our “thank you” being dependent upon if we like the gift or not.  God promised Lydia’s healing and we will say thank you, testify of His love, and encourage others to stand and be steadfast in the fullness of God’s gift to them.  God is the best gift giver and we will thank Him before and when we get the gift.

Today, at Lydia’s appointment, we were told NO MORE TPN!  TPN a.k.a. food in a bag, the nutrition we have been hooking up to her broviac/pic line at night for 12 hours since she was taken off food to give her GI track (digestive system)  a rest when they found numerous ulcers in her colon Dec. 30th.  I reported two weeks ago that there are NO MORE ULCERS and there is no sign she ever had ulcers!  The doctor was truly amazed because it was not what he was expecting.

NO MORE WEEKLY VISITS!  We are now going every other week! Wahoo!!!  She gained nearly 2 pounds in the last two weeks (Iowa does her good, well probably Abigail and Josiah do her good!, snow, sledding, field trips, and a visit to the Arch in St. Louis do her good! Skipping a weekly appointment and receiving permission to go out of state, do her good.  Okay, obviously the answer is D : all of the above…do her good!  🙂

Now the part where Selah says, “Hallelujah!” with two arms raised in victory!  Since we got home to Orangeburg in October, Selah has been faithful to pray that the doctor would take out the broviac and the port would “come out, in the name of Jesus!” (You just gotta hear her pray sometime. She is full of faith and it is powerful!)…well, she prayed with such faith and we had never been given a timeline for their removal but we also didn’t want to discourage her so we let her pray and declare.  How silly that would be to discourage a child’s faith when the Bible tells us we are to have faith like a child.

Drum roll please…

If Lydia gains weight before returning in two weeks they will schedule to have the broviak removed after that!  AND if that wasn’t good enough, the doctor said, “She should have her port removed before Summer!”

I have to be honest, some might think this foolish and wasteful, considering Scott resigned from his job two weeks ago, but we just might have to just because she can!… She should be healed up from the removal of the broviak by the time Abigail and Josiah come for a visit over the Resurrection Day holiday for us to find somewhere to go swimming.  Wahoo!  We just might have to find a way to book a hotel for the Resurrection Day celebration!  🙂

I believe I see a Pool Party on the horizon!

Praying for weight gain and thanking Jesus for the gift to come!

What would your response be?

In His Presence we are thankful,


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