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Begin Again

There once was a man named Michael Finnegan…Begin Again

How many of you remember this children’s song? As I was cleaning today my thoughts were considering tomorrow… Tomorrow holds a “Begin Again” for my husband Scott as he steps into the pastorate at Bethel Grove Church. But it also holds so much potential for myself, and our children. There is always so much potential when we walk the path God has constructed before us.

Just like many other things God says, I am excited; but the realistic part of me knows there is purpose in everything God positions for our lives. Fulfilled purpose requires:

  1. My willingness to follow God’s lead
  2. My willingness to give God’s love wholeheartedly
  3. My willingness to believe God for the impossible
  4. My willingness to release courageous faith in God
  5. My willingness to live in the overflow of God’s unstoppable joy

To “Begin Again” is a choice, my choice. It is a choice I do not take lightly, for I have been here before, just like Michael Finnegan. It is time to Begin Again.

To “Begin Again” means it is time to grow. The time of darkness is over, the roots continue to be strengthened as I push through the darkness to the sun. From the seed in darkness a mighty oak is breaking through the ground and growing.

A year ago this month Scott and I finished an 8-city prayer tour and the 20/10 Southern circle prayer tour. It was absolutely amazing. But a week later, I was literally crying and asking the Lord for people to hug. As much as I love to pray and be doing a great exploit, I also like being with people releasing hope, possibility, and encouragement.

When I was cleaning out my parent's basement  last fall, I found this pin in my high school papers.  It has always been in me to give hugs that relieve stress and heal. Very cool!

When I was cleaning out my parent’s basement last fall, I found this pin in my high school papers. It has always been in me to give hugs that relieve stress and heal. Very cool!

If you don’t know me, you might think hugging is a little too close but for those of you who have ever been hurting and I gave you a hug, some kind of healing was released. I believe it is the love of God in me being released to others. I am the conduit, God’s power runs through me to those in need of His love that heals the broken hearted, sets the captives free, and gives hope to the hopeless. Even though I have found ways to release His love over the past year, it felt like being the seed planted in darkness, wondering if I had enough Jesus in me to break the shell that surrounded me. Until the shell around the seed is broken the seed never gets the opportunity to become what it was created to be. It was difficult, it was dark, it was lonely, and many times I was challenged to give up. But God, He would not let me be less than what He created me to be. As I pressed into God’s love and worshipped Him the shell could not contain what God destined me to be.

When God directs my path, the fulfillment of His word will require more than I have but give back more than I could have ever imagined. In this, my relationship with God grows and His love abounds.

Therefore, as I look forward with great expectation of what God has positioned Scott, myself, and our children to be a part of, with the people of Bethel Grove Church, I also know to “Begin Again” I have to let go of the past, look to Him, get up and courageously follow His lead.

Daniel 11:32 …the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.”

It is time to Begin Again.

May you know the Lord’s love to have the strength to begin again.

In His Presence darkness cannot keep me,



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